Questions? Want to order our products? Willing to help our DX embroiders? Please, feel free to contact us! We love to receive emails.


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. We are friends with the Winkles and saw them post your site on Facebook. What a wonderful ministry you have! How do you sell your products? Do you have an online store? If not, you should! I work with the poor in this area as the marketing director of Must Ministries. We live in metro-Atlanta and many are suffering because of the economy. Anyway, I love what you are doing there!

    • Dear Kaye,

      Oh Kaye, I am just seeing your message to us! China shut down access to wordpress a few years ago & I was letting a friend check on the blog, but guess they missed your message. Please forgive me for never getting back to you.

      We are JUST starting an ETSY store! Are very excited about this & prying things sell well.

      Just checked out your Must Ministries site. How wonderful! Are things going better in 2015?

      LOVE the Winkles & heartbroken over them having to go through this. Any idea how we can find out how they are doing? I’m not on FB so am really out of the loop. Praying all is moving forward to full healing for Micah.

      Bless you.
      Stacy Deems
      Flowers of DX

  2. Hi, I would like to order some of the shoe insole ornaments. However, I saw a store that had them as magnets instead of hanging ornaments. Can you please quote me a price for 40-50 of them and how long shipping would take to chengdu.

    • Dear Bernice,
      This is Stacy Deems. I am just seeing your email, I’m afraid. We haven’t had a VPN until recently & don’t think anyone checked comments. A am truly, so sorry we are just getting back to you.

      Are you still interested in the shoe insole ornaments or magnets? We have many of the magnets in different colors. We may have the shoe insole ornaments in America but will have to check. Or, we could just make them for you & you choose the colors.

      Let me know & again, am so sorry about how late this is.

      Stacy Deems
      Flowers of DX

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