Mrs. Ma

MaSaoZi & her husband became successful & had 4 children together. But life changed. She was left with her husband away from home, seldom contact with him, & raising the children by herself. With a sick mother-in-law she must take care of & her last two children in school, MaSaoZi greatly appriciates the work we offer. She always has a quick wit & a bargaining spirit, ready to get a little extra money out of us for her embroidery work. Making a joke & laughing at herself & us is a a guarentee each time we meet. MaSaoZi’s embroidery is made in the DongXiang’s tradition method of shoe insoles, taking layers of material, pasting them together & baking them between bricks on the coal stove, then embroidering this thick layered material. We now use a type of foam to ensure a more smooth & finished looking product.


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