Salime, the seamstress

SalimeIn DX a woman’s value is determined by her providing sons. When someone asks about children, the answer is only given counting the sons. “How many children do you have?” “Only one.” “Only one? Girl or boy?” “Oh, I have 4 daughters but only one son.” Daughters are not even mentioned in the total. So, when Salime was married at a young age & provided only daughters, her husband was not pleased. When the third daughter was born her husband left to find work, and another wife. Left with the three girls that she adores, but no money & no covering, her house & life became neglected in chaos. Soon after this Flowers of DX was desperate to find a tailor & found Salime’s incredible seamstress skills. Now she is earning money on her own to support her three girls, but also her life runs smoother with more purpose & joy when she has sewing to do. She is even more motivated to do laudry & cleaning when her hands are busy at her sewing machine.



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